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Start and grow an amazing meal plan business

The ultimate Meal-Prepreneur resource for everything you need about meal planning


Welcome to Meal Prep Biz 101

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Meal Prep Biz 101

The ultimate Meal-Prepreneur resource for everything needed to start and grow an amazing meal plan business.


What is MEAL PREP BIZ 101?


Everything is easier together, so we’ve created a community to pool our knowledge and experiences to create a collective brain trust. Ask questions, share challenges, and get exposure to ideas you may have never considered. When we work together, we all win.


The meal plan industry is still new and evolving, so having a specialized resource of information focused on this everchanging landscape is invaluable. See around the corner, avoid mistakes, and save time by leveraging the experiences of others before you.


The unique products and needs of this industry are a major challenge when it comes to scaling. Let us help you take the searching and guesswork out of growing with the products and resources we’ve used and vetted.

As outsiders to the fitness, nutrition, and food industries, we know as much as anyone how hard this business can be. We know most of the mistakes because we've made them, and now we've made Meal Prep Biz 101 to be the resource we never had.

"This group has not only allowed me to see that success is possible, I have gained so much. I was motivated to get started, I was given the steps to take and linked to the tools needed to get it done right."

Tirsah J.
Meal Plan Mafia Member

"I’ve only recently discovered Meal Plan Mafia on facebook early January 2020 and it has been the best! I am planning to launch my own meal prep business very soon and the group has been providing me insights I could not get from anyone else! I am grateful for being a part of this growing community."

Orlando C.
Meal Prep Mafia Member

"The meal prep group has been amazing for me as I am preparing to launch my own business! The knowledge and dedication to helping others that Casey displays is unlike any other I’ve seen! So very thankful I found this group!"

Katie G.
Meal Plan Mafia Member

"As a newbie to the meal prep business, I was SO grateful to find you Casey. This FB group has been so valuable! I find the business insight, shared knowledge and experiences, (good and bad) amazing. Thank you Casey for sharing your vast knowledge with us and creating this meal prep community "

Marilou R.
Meal Plan Mafia Member

"I just wanted to send a huge thanks to Casey and Meal Plan Mafia Member for everything! These guys are top notch! They have been helping me grow my meal prep business on Buffalo NY. Thanks to there help we are about to break the 700 meal mark this week and the pre ordering is not over for us. Thank you Casey from the bottom of my heart for all of the wisdom you drop on a daily! You are a true mentor, leader and more important a great friend."

Tom O.
Meal Plan Mafia Member


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