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My Story

My name is Casey and I'm a founder of Florida's highest-rated meal prep company, Fit Food Fresh. Most people thought we were crazy when we started; we weren't nutritionists or trainers and we couldn't even cook, we just had our experience as meal prep customers and our vision of what we wanted from a meal prep service. So, without funding or connections, we set forth to learn the hard way, bouncing from one mistake to another.

We always felt there were too many potential customers for any business to be hindered by another's success, but when we tried reaching out to other meal prep companies to collaborate or at least pick each other’s brains, most couldn't see us as anything but competition. In 2019, I decided to start sharing what we've learned on Youtube to help others avoid the common mistakes we've either made ourselves or seen other companies make.
The small but very supportive following I gained inspired me to create more content and provide more resources for people looking to start and grow their own meal prep companies. In addition to the videos on my Youtube channel, I now have private groups, bootcamp courses, an ebook, consulting, free meal prep software and I'm always adding more. 
I've also started discussing mindset, philosophy, leadership principles, and other subjects that aren't exclusive to the meal prep industry, but I feel have been crucial to my success as an entrepreneur. I have found sharing what I've learned to be extremely rewarding and I am so grateful for the feedback I receive. I hope you find my content and resources useful and I look forward to helping you grow as a business, entrepreneur, and individual.  

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