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How would you like an employee who works 24/7, always ready to help members and prospects get the information or help they need? No sick days, never late, and no lunch breaks! Sound good? Meet Dot the Bot, the meal prep chatbot I personally designed and constantly improve based on feedback and data in order to increase conversions and retention for meal prep businesses.  Think of Dot as an extra customer service agent and extension of your marketing team combined with a customer experience team member. Whether Dot is working solo or integrated with marketing and customer service efforts, she's a powerful weapon in your business's fight against mediocrity.  Use Dot to stand out with your initial engagement with prospects as well as strengthen the relationship your members have with your brand. Not only can Dot help members and prospective members get the answers and resources they need, but she can also help you collect more leads, increase productivity, improve efficiency, and enhance the convenience your business provides all while adding an engagement experience that serves as a strong differentiator that sets your service head and shoulders above the rest.  Chatbot design and maintenance can easily cost thousands to implement and upkeep, and it'll still be a shot in the dark and a LOT of trial and error. By combining my expertise with collective experiences and group buying power, you're able to get a more effective and MUCH more affordable chatbot to leverage for growth and retention. After the one-time setup fee of just $499, Dot is yours for a mere $199/mo. Maintainance, improvement, campaign management, contests, promotions... it's all included and streamlined with this simple, turn-key subscription service. Already enrolled in the meal prep ordering system? Then skip the $499 setup fee!  

$199/mo after a one-time setup fee of $499

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