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Meal Prep Software and Ordering System

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2020

Welcome back! Now that you’ve decided that you want to start your meal prep business (and have watched my previous videos detailing how to start up your own business with 500 dollars or less), you should be ready to move on to the next step. At this point you would want to have at least 10 clients who are interested in your product. You should have a simple menu prepared (including 10 to 20 items) and your clients should be diggin’ your concept. The easiest way to get to this point is to have a few set plans, the “Chef’s Choice” if you will, and have a dozen customers interested in this layout. A more complex version of this concept would be to have a varied menu for each one of your clients to select from and allow the customers to make choices on what they want (this is a more detailed process and can be made complicated by the sheer amount of food choices you would need in order for your consumers to feel satisfied with their options). 

So now what? You have your orders in a spreadsheet (I personally recommend utilizing G Suite), including every email, text message, carrier pigeon, and smoke signal order you have received. If you’re still at the point where you’re in need of a way to keep track of this information, reach out to me and I’ll introduce you to The Beast, my once beloved ordering system (if you do this, make sure to watch my video on how best to operate and handle The Beast). 

Once you have compiled these requests, it’s time to really get things rolling. I suggest using either Shopify (which is simpler to operate, but limited in its abilities) or WordPress (which is a bit more complicated, however more customizable and very worthwhile). My advice? See what you can learn. Just spend some of your precious time, watch some online videos (including mine, of course), and be willing to take the time required to master this niche subject. Websites like Udemy and Lynda are wonderful resources for learning about a new subject. You’d be amazed by what can happen when you open your mind to unseen ideas. 

This process can be rough. Expect it to be difficult. You are venturing out into something completely new to you. Running a meal plan company is so fulfilling, but it comes with its own unique challenges (as every aspect of life does). Push through the hard stuff, and when you come out on the other side of it you can be as successful as FitFoodFresh, my own meal plan business which tops the charts for meal delivery companies in Florida. 

Once you’re on the road to figuring out how to manage all your hundreds of requests that must be flowing in by now, be ready to talk about production next. It’s the key to any industry. And, as always, rock on!




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